Maverick’s Story

20130518-0014-slider-150x150an in the fall of 2012. Our 4-year-old Maverick started complaining that his mouth hurt while we were brushing his teeth. We thought that he had bitten the inside of his mouth and told him it would get better in a couple of days. We kind of dismissed it then, but a couple weeks went by and it was still bothering him-but only when we were brushing. One day I picked him up after school and ‘Nanny’ from his daycare asked me if his cheek looked swollen- it did! It had puffed right up overnight, and there was a small knot inside along his jawline. We made an appointment to see the pediatrician the next day. She concluded that it could possibly be a clogged salivary gland. Mav was put on a ten-day cycle of antibiotics but we were sent to have a CBC to see if anything else was going on. The results that came back weren’t quite right, so about halfway through the antibiotic cycle we went to have another CBC to see if the meds were working. There was no change and his cheek didn’t look any better. At the end of the ten days, Mav’s cheek still looked swollen and the pain from brushing hadn’t receded. At that point since our pediatrician was in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, she sent us straight to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. We didn’t go home to Stigler to pack any bags the four of us headed immediately to the ER in Little Rock. The date was 12-12-12.