Financial Assistance


The primary focus of Ally’s House is to provide financial assistance to families of Oklahoma kids with cancer.


A childhood cancer diagnosis is devastating for the family. It is treated aggressively, often with a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Parents and guardians of these children often have a limited income, with other children in the home. One parent often needs to give up a job to take care of their child being treated for cancer. Children with advanced (or terminal) cancer may live for many months or sometimes years with their cancer. Many require a family member to be with them around the clock. All of this only continues to put a bigger strain on their financial situation. In single parent homes, the strain is understandably even stronger.


Each family that applies for assistance with Ally’s House must meet only two simple requirements:

1) Live in Oklahoma

2) Have a child diagnosed with a form of cancer


Families are either referred by their treatment hospital or know about the organization directly and apply. The annual assistance maximum amount varies based on organizational funding for that year. When a family is helped, they are not given funds directly; rather, bills are paid on their behalf. Examples include rent payments, utility bills, medical bills & prescriptions.